Applicants Referencing

£180.00 (150.00+ vat) per applicant /permitted occupier

£180.00 (150.00+vat) per guarantor as required

£300.00 (250.00+vat) per company


Referencing each person, identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers/landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the Tenancy agreement.

The above fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if you decide to not proceed with the tenancy for any reason, if the references fail for any reason and/or the references are not completed for any reason.


Renewal fee £90.00 (75.00+vat)

Includes: Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement

Amendment Fee £180.00 (150.00+vat) per applicant to be re-referenced and £120.00 (100+vat) for a new Tenancy Agreement

Includes: Tenants being re-referenced if personal circumstances change mid term tenancy/change of tenant and preparation of a new Tenancy Agreement.

Breach of Tenancy Letters £30.00 (25.00+vat)

Includes: Letters to advise of breach of tenancy

Rent payment recalled - £24.00 (20.00+vat)

Includes: Letter to advise of issue and request to re-pay

Rent arrears

6% is chargeable for total amount of days that rent is late

Pet Deposit - 2 weeks rent

Includes: Covers the added risk of damage if a pet is introduced mid-term tenancy with Landlords permission. It will be protected along with the deposit (if held by Able Estates) and may be refunded at the end of the tenancy, although it can be retained for up to 3 months’ post tenancy to cover any infestation of fleas.

Duplicate copies

Includes: Producing copies of Tenancy agreements/documents £24.00 (20.00+vat)


Check out fee £90.00 (75.00+vat)

Includes: Attendance to the property with inventory to assess final condition of property, reports sent to both Landlord and Tenant.

Future Landlord Reference Fee - £24.00 (20.00+vat)

Includes: To collate and provide reference for future landlord or letting agent

Costs to Tenant if they wish to leave within a fixed term (subject to Landlord agreement).

If tenant wishes to break tenancy within the 1st fixed term.

Cover Landlords re-letting fees chargeable – up to a maximum of 3 weeks’ rent

Check out cost £90.00 (75+vat)

If tenant wishes to break tenancy in a fixed term but after 1st tenancy term.

Landlords renewal fee: £120.00 (100+vat)

Landlords rent guarantee £216.00 (180+vat) for one tenant

£180.00 (150+vat) per tenant, 2 tenants or more

Check out cost: £90.00 (75+vat)