Buying a new home is a big, exciting life event. But please take the time to gather information, consider the financial commitment and think hard about what you can afford.


We recommend an Independent mortgage adviser called Mark Favell of Shooters Hill Mortgages ( See details here ). It is important to secure an agreement in principle from the chosen lender before starting your search, this way you will know that once you identify the right property, you will be in a perfect position to proceed.

Finding the ideal property

Although it may sound obvious, try writing a list of the most important aspects of your new home. Start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, then think about the living space, kitchen, garden, conservatory, parking etc. Set down your budget and decide how much work you would be prepared to undertake. Try to tell us exactly the type of property you are looking for and which important elements you would be prepared to compromise on, and of course let us know that you have a mortgage agreed in principle.


Be ready to look at the property objectively looking past any furniture/personal possessions that may be present. See if the layout is to your liking, if the space offered is sufficient, and consider what works (if any) would need to be done to make the property feel like your home. If you wish to take your own photos at the appointment, please ask before the viewing.

Negotiating and making an offer

Once you have found your new home the next step is to make an offer. There are several factors to consider in deciding what level to offer – consider your own position, are you a first-time buyer, do you have a house to sell, do you have a pre-arranged mortgage? Make sure that we understand your position exactly so that we can inform the owner as to what a good purchaser you are. We will know by this point if the owner needs to move quickly, if they have no time constraints with moving, and if they are able to accept any offers under the asking price. When you make an offer make sure it’s clear that the offer is subject to contract and a satisfactory survey.


Once you have agreed terms it is time to instruct a Solicitor or Conveyancer. They will carry out the process of transferring the legal ownership from one person to another. Our suggestion is that you speak to a couple of providers, take recommendations from friends and family. If you wish, we can arrange a quote from our list of recommended solicitors.

Preparing for Completion/Moving day

Use a reputable removal company. Seek recommendations from friends and colleagues. It is common for people to prefer to move on a Friday so that they have the weekend to get settled into their new home. Completion of the sale normally takes place around lunchtime. As soon as we receive a call from the seller’s solicitors to confirm the sale has completed, we will call you and invite you to come pick up the keys to your new home. Don’t forget to check out the best value utility contracts for your new property well in advance, and ensure you read the meters both at your old and new address.