An inventory is a vitally important document that Able Estates include within the Rent Collection and Fully Managed service.

The inventory is the only proof the Landlord has of the property’s condition (including garden, garage or loft) and items/furniture/fixtures & fittings present at the commencement of the tenancy and so it plays a significant role in protecting both Landlords and Tenants. Without any proof of condition of items present the Landlord would hard pressed to supply evidence/provide proof if making a claim was necessary.

At the end of the tenancy a check-out is conducted again checking the same inventory that was signed, and a comparison is made. An allowance has to be made for wear and tear over the length of the tenancy and the type of tenancy. For example : A 12 month tenancy will have less wear & tear then a tenancy that has been in place for 6 years, and a professional couple with no children will cause less wear then a family of 5 with a cat or dog over the same period.

The deposit belongs to the tenant for the entire tenancy and it is always the Landlords responsibility to prove that the claim for cleaning, damages, gardening, clearance of items left behind is valid.

Success in deposit disputes is usually dependant on the quality of the inventory and schedule of condition. A professional and diligent approach is essential to ensuring that Tenants & Landlords avoid financial loss.