Rest Assured that before we call you we have already asked ......

Date Published 08 January 2020

Have you changed the lightbulb?
Have you checked the fuse box?
Have you paid the bill/run out of gas or electric ?
Is there a power cut?
Is it switched on at the plug/have you checked the plug fuse?
Have you checked the filter?
Have you replaced the batteries?
Where is the water coming from?
How quickly is the water dripping/running?
Have you shut the water off?
Have you gone to the flat above and knocked?
Have you tightened the hinges?
Have you cleaned the oven/hob to unclog the gas jets?
How did it happen?/ what time did it happen?
Have you got contents insurance?
Are you heating & ventilating adequately? (backed up with condensation factsheet)
The rent hasn't arrived as it on its way?
Can you send me a picture or video?
Can you send me the make & model number?
Have you read the manual?

Managing a property means asking lots of questions, being diligent, and eliminating the obvious.
We are committed in our efforts to provide the best service to our Landlords, the Property & the Tenants.