Here`s A New Reason To Buy A Home – Envy...

Date Published 04 November 2013

There are many reasons to buy a home – but until yesterday, we hadn`t thought that envy was one of them.

The advert in the Sunday Times for The Chilterns, a development of two- and three-bedroom apartments in Marylebone where prices start at a mere £3m, pulls no punches.

`Just occasionally, an opportunity comes along that is simply too good to miss … The Chilterns quite simply redefines envy.`

Quite apart from making the copywriters drooling over their favourite rooms (always light-filled and good for entertaining, and yet cosy at the same time) in the Fine & Country adverts look incredibly old hat, does this make anyone else feel uneasy?

We always thought envy was something to be frowned upon – explicitly as in the Seven Deadly Sins, plus the Ten Commandments which come down like a ton of bricks on coveting.