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Lockdown 2 04 November 2020

The Property Management Team will be working remotely from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December in line with the Government"s 2nd lockdown restrictions

During this period you can email any query to: management@ableestates.com and the correct person will respond to you direct.... Read More

Hello October! 06 October 2020

Summer is well and truly over, and the colder weather has arrived.

LANDLORDS we recommend that you get boilers serviced before we get into winter, to try and prevent any expensive breakdowns.

TENANTS please switch on your boiler to ensure it works before its needed 24/7

Property Management 01322 405050 option 1... Read More

Our Offices Are Open! 14 May 2020

Further to Government advice we are pleased to confirm that Able Estates have re-opened the offices and are ready to assist you.

However, we do need to adhere to the following guidelines for everyone"s continued safety.

  • A maximum of 2 persons will be allowed into the office"s at any one time
  • The 2 meter social distancing requirement will remain in force, and you will also need to be wearing a mask and disposable gloves
  • If you wish to visit the office an appointment must be made
  • We will ensure that the areas to the front of our offices are sanitized throughout the day
  • All keys when handled will be sanitized before being used again.... Read More

Happy Birthday Your Majesty. 21 April 2020

The Queen"s two birthdays:

Why does she celebrate twice in April and June?

Every summer the Mall outside Buckingham Palace is filled with flag-waving, Union Jack-clad merry makers, all gathered to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family as they wave to crowds on the balcony for the Queen"s birthday.... Read More

Coronavirus Updates 20 March 2020

We are working from home and updating/keeping in touch with as many customers we can. If you have queries or need advice please email us:

North Heath sales: paul.servis@ableestates.com

Abbey Wood sales: peter.... Read More


The entire staff at Able Estates wish to send their Thanks & Gratitude to all the keys workers who are working hard to keep this country going. The NHS Staff, Police, Teachers, Retail Workers, Carers, Fire Services, Ambulance crews, to name but a few. Read More

Happy St Patrick`s Day 17 March 2020

🍀 Top of the mornin" to ya 🍀

Following on from yesterday, the office"s have once again been sanitised.

We are open for business, but understand that everyone is worried either about themselves, their children, their parents, and their jobs.... Read More

Coronavirus & Able Estates 16 March 2020

Updated 24th March 2020
Following the announcement from the PM yesterday evening the offices of Able Estates will be closed from Tuesday 24th March. We will however, spend the day getting the phones diverted & connecting up remotely. Please bear with us and we will do our best in the coming days to keep all customers up to date.... Read More

Today`s News - Bank of England Interest Rate Cut 11 March 2020

The Bank of England announced an emergency cut of 0.5 percentage points, so the rate is now the lowest since 2008. A cut in interest rates means good news for borrowers (unless you are already on fixed rate), but not so good news for savers - as it means they"ll earn less on their cash.
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The rental market has joined sales in its upward momentum in the 1st two months of 2020.

Selling & Buying
Homeowners and Investors are still feeling cautious, still somewhat concerned about the economic changes and appear to have a little uncertainty as what sale price their property could achieve.... Read More

Bad Weather Update 26 February 2020

Following lots of bad/very wet weather over the last few months and more recently storm"s Ciara and Dennis, there are various fences down and roof works that remain outstanding.

We are aware of the possibility of further bad weather arriving this week so we are checking in with our contractors regularly to ensure the works are done as quickly as possible, but also with health and safety in mind.... Read More

Pancake Day - How do you eat yours?? 25 February 2020

Just for fun, we asked everyone what their favourite pancake topping is:
It looks like the firm favourite is the most traditional of all - SUGAR & LEMON JUICE WINS

Peter"s favourites are Sugar & Lemon Juice / Nutella & Bannana
Paul"s favourites are Sugar & Lemon Juice / Banana
Ruth"s favourite is Sugar & Lemon Juice
Maria"s favourite is Surgar & Lemon Juice
Pauline"s favourite is Sugar & Lemon Juice
Ian"s favourite is Golden Syrup
Sue"s favourite is Sugar & Lemon Juice
Sarah"s favourite is Sugar & Lemon juice
Carly"s favourite is Chocolate Spread & Banana
Louise"s favourite is Bacon & Maple Syrup
Iva"s favourite is Strawberry Jam & Feta Cheese

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