Coronavirus & Able Estates

Date Published 16 March 2020

Updated 24th March 2020
Following the announcement from the PM yesterday evening the offices of Able Estates will be closed from Tuesday 24th March. We will however, spend the day getting the phones diverted & connecting up remotely. Please bear with us and we will do our best in the coming days to keep all customers up to date.

Following the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, we would like to reassure you that our top priority is the health of our staff and clients. The Directors of Able Estates have therefore taken measures at both offices to sanitise the areas touched by staff and customers on a daily basis to minimise contamination.

We do however kindly ask that IF
⭐️ you have travelled from any high risk countries
⭐️ been in contact with someone who is unwell
⭐️ are generally feeling unwell yourself
⭐️ are showing any symptoms: new cough, high temperature & shortness of breath
that you please re-schedule any appointments with us, and also refrain from coming into our offices.

Please be aware that we are monitoring the current situation closely. We may in the next few days start to only accept pre-booked appointments at the office to limit face to face interactions and also stop our staff & contractors coming out to properties for valuations, viewings, periodic visits, minor repairs etc. Additional measures are being looked into so that our staff can work from home if that becomes a necessity.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call your local office.
Northumberland Heath - 01322 400222
Abbey Wood 020 8306 2020