Date Published 31 August 2012

Zoopla's latest advertising campaign – its biggest yet – kicks off this weekend on TV as it steps up its battle to mount a credible alternative to Rightmove.

The ‘talking houses' ads will be seen and heard on a range of national TV channels and radio stations, and with print ads running across various national newspapers.

Giving life to the house are the voices of actors Jim Broadbent, Doon Mackichan and Mathew Horne together with property market expert Phil Spencer.

There's no rapping granny in sight, but on the other hand, the ads lack the majestic ampitheatre that is Rightmove. The question is: will they build up the Zoopla brand in the same way? Certainly the ads push one thing – the name `Zoopla`.

Alex Chesterman, Zoopla's founder and CEO, said: `We are fulfilling our promise of investing heavily in marketing to benefit our members and remain committed to operating the UK's best-known online property brands.

`We will continue to invest millions more over the coming months in order to ensure that we continue to be the UK's most cost-effective online marketing platform.`

The ads can be found below. What do you think of them?