Top 10 Tips for Sellers.

Date Published 19 February 2020

1. Choose the right Estate Agent
Minimise worry & maximise results!

2. Take home price indices with a pinch of salt when establishing an asking price
Shop around & get multiple valuations!

3. Increase your property's ‘kerb appeal'
Create a great first impression!

4. Spruce up and de-clutter
Remove all clutter, ask your friend to look after your pets… make the property smell fresh and clean!

5. Bear in mind that little things do count
Don't let the little issues put someone off!! Cut the grass, stop that tap from dripping!

6. Define Each Room
Take away personal items that might stop the buyer from creating their own home vision in their head!

7. Allow the viewers space to wander around
A lot of people feel uncomfortable if they being watched!

8. Make the most of outdoor space
Buy some new pretty plants and pots, make the area pretty!

9. Choose the best buyer
Enquire about the viewers status - people who have already sold their home, are in rented accommodation, are chain free first time buyers, and cash buyers who do not need a mortgage, will be in the best position.

10. Consider alternatives
If your motivation for moving is that you need more space, new government proposals to relax current planning permissions could be the answer.