Peter Jones One Of Able`S Directors Is Entering The London Marathon.

Date Published 01 April 2008

In January 2007 I started training for the London Marathon.After several months running in all types of weather(usually the wet and cold type)and with only a couple of weeks to go I unfortunatley got an injury that forced me to pull out.

In January 2008 I started training again for this years Marathon and have been pounding the streets ever since.Now that I have earned myself some embarrassing `chaffing` scares and have experienced the pain of `joggers nipple` I feel ready to take on the biggest physical challenge of my life!

My chosen charity that I shall be running for is the Lymphoma Association.They help people who have Hodgkin lymphoma and non-hodgkin lymohomas.These are cancers of the lymphatic system,which,collectively,are commonly known as lymphomas.The lymphatic system is part of the `immune system` - the bodys defence against infection.Around 9000 patients are diagnosed with Non - Hodgkins lymphomas and nearly 1400 new cases of Hodgkin lymphoma seen amongst those aged between 15 to 35.

This is where the Lymphatic Association can help,by providing information and emotional support to anyone with lymphatic cancer and to their families,cares and friends.

Anyone wishing to show their support can log onto, or call,click or pop into either of Able Estates offices.All donations will be greatly appreciated,