Public Awareness Of Zoopla Catches Up With That Of Rightmove...

Date Published 25 November 2013

Zoopla brand awareness is now neck and neck with that of Rightmove, it has been claimed.

New research shows that spontaneous awareness levels of the Zoopla brand amongst all UK adults nationally is now identical to that of Rightmove and in some areas is higher.

Areas where recognition of Zoopla is higher than of Rightmove are London, the north-east, north-west, midlands, east, Yorkshire & Humber and Scotland.

The research also shows that Zoopla currently commands 73% prompted brand awareness amongst all UK adults compared with 77% for Rightmove.

Zoopla has had to invest enormously in advertising to try and catch up on Rightmove`s eight-year head start.

Alex Chesterman, CEO of Zoopla Property Group, said: `This latest research clearly confirms that we have built a very well-recognised brand nationally over the past few years.

`We have invested heavily and will continue to do so to ensure that we deliver on our mission of being the most effective partner we can to our members.`

The research was conducted by Harris Interactive last month and involved 2,140 adults across Britain.

A spokesman for Zoopla confirmed that the research was commissioned by Zoopla itself, but said that it was an independent exercise.