Does Estate Agency`s 24/7 Mean You Never Switch Off?

Date Published 11 November 2013

Agents have traditionally worked very long hours. But are you now finding it almost literally impossible to switch off with the 24/7 demands of today`s consumer?

Do you and your colleagues feel under pressure to deliver an instant response to an inquiry, even if it comes in on a Sunday afternoon?

And how much, or little, of your interaction is now done face to face?

These were just some of the questions discussed in a round table debate, hosted by software supplier VTUK and chaired by EAT`s Rosalind Renshaw, which was attended by some remarkably forward-thinking (and hard-working) agents.

One firm said it offers special weekend remuneration packages. Another said that 24/7 society does cause staff stress.

See the full report of the round table in today`s blogs section – and please feel free to contribute to the debate.