Newspaper Advertising Boosts Agent`s Chances Of Instruction ??

Date Published 21 October 2013

Home owners decide which local estate agent they will instruct long before they`re ready to put their properties up for sale.

Furthermore, they will probably make their decision based on whether the agent advertises in the local paper: apparently, it`s important for 79% of people.

Since the research was conducted by local newspaper owners Johnston Press, perhaps that conclusion is not too surprising.

The story appeared, even less surprisingly, in a number of Johnson Press papers last week.

But the research, conducted by a firm called SPA Future Thinking, did come up with some surprising conclusions: that sellers on average only talk to two agents before deciding which one to instruct, and that 30% only talk to one.

It is not clear what the researchers did ask the 600 members of the public who took part. For example, we know that they asked about local newspapers, but we don`t know if they asked how important it is for agents to be on Rightmove or Zoopla. If they did, the answer did not appear anywhere in last week`s stories.

According to SPA Future Thinking`s Chris Bland: `People form opinions about local estate agents long before they think about selling. For many, that could have been through years of looking at the property sections of their local press and shaping their perceptions over time.`

The research also revealed that while 35% of vendors who don`t read local newspapers know which agent they will instruct when they decide to sell, for those who do read local newspapers it is 56%.

The survey also demonstrated that advertising in the local newspaper drives interest in properties and `therefore traffic to digital sources`. The R and Z words, however, are not mentioned.