Rightmove Just Weeks Away From Launching Five Second Uploads...

Date Published 22 July 2013

Rightmove has confirmed that it is just weeks away from releasing a new real-time datafeed that will allow agents to list new properties within five seconds flat from their mobiles.

It would mean instant property alerts to prospective buyers and tenants within seconds of being instructed and all before the agent has left the property.

The project is being trialled, with all the software providers that feed listings into Rightmove being consulted before full details are released – expected in about three weeks.

Rightmove said that the project is extremely demanding technically, and depends to some extent on mobile access and a decent connection, but the portal confirmed to EAT that the new datafeed will mean that any additions, changes or deletions to an agent’s property stock can be replicated on Rightmove in less than five seconds.

Benefits to agents would include a clear ‘wow’ factor, with the opportunity to impress vendors and landlords by adding a new instruction to Rightmove straightaway, or demonstrating that agreed changes have been implemented on Rightmove, seemingly instantly.

Rightmove said the new datafeed will also present the opportunity for agents to move faster than the competition, while users of the Rightmove website and mobile platforms will see properties added and removed much more quickly – especially helpful in the rental market where stock turns over quickly.

Simon Zacharzewski, datafeed manager, told EAT: `We’re pleased that we are just weeks away from rolling out the new real-time datafeed to advertisers on Rightmove.

`This project will provide a rapid, accurate and hassle-free mechanism for agents to see changes reflected on Rightmove in real-time using an API [Application Programming Interface].

`The agents we’ve consulted tell us that they’re excited at the prospect of being able to see a change, whether that’s a price reduction or the addition of a new instruction, made in less than five seconds, and relieved that they will no longer have to wait up to 24 hours for the datafeed to run to feel the benefits of Rightmove’s coverage.

`We continue to monitor the results of the tests because it’s a demanding technical project with the potential to have a big impact and so it’s essential we have total confidence before full live release in a few weeks.`

Rightmove also confirmed it has been in discussion with datafeed providers, including Dezrez and Vebra, as part of a process vital to ensuring the success of the project.

A number of agents are currently uploading properties to a test environment using the new datafeed and the results monitored and analysed. Each week, more agents are added to the test group to ensure the stability and scalability of the feed.

Zacharzewski added: `We invited the datafeed providers and some of our advertisers to the Rightmove office two weeks ago to give them an update on the project.

`Without their help and co-operation this would have been like pushing an elephant up hill, but it’s been great to work alongside them to create something we believe is genuinely innovative.

`As part of the project we will also extend the data specification set to include lots of new fields which agents will have the option to provide to us – one of which will mean that the location pin on the maps will be in exactly the right place!

`It’s just the first part of the project and more upgrades and new features will be added over the course of the year.`