The Safest Place To Live In London

Date Published 30 April 2007

Crime rates are dropping faster in Bexley than anywhere else in London.

The borough has seen an overall reduction of more than 3,000 crimes in the year to March 2007 compared to the previous 12 months.

The total number of crimes stood at 16,997 compared to 20,011 - a drop of 15.1 per cent. The latest crime figures published by the Metropolitan Police show a decrease in Bexley in all but one of the 11 categories. (source: Bexley Extra)

Only gun-enabled crime has increased, from 37 to 47 incidents. Significant successes include motor crime, which has dropped by more than a quarter to 2,087 incidents, violent crime, which is down 1.4 per cent to 3,742 incidents, and race crime, which is down 7.6 percent.

Bexley police borough commander, Tony Dawson, said: "These figures are the results of a great deal of hard work, not just by police but also our partners and the community. The Community Safety Action Zone approach that we operate in Bexley is recognised as good practice across London and allows Bexley Safer Neighbourhood Teams to maximize the time they spend dealing with local issues."

Altogether there have been 2,000 fewer victims of crime in Bexley in the past 12 months.

Mr Dawson added: "These reductions have been supported by excellent performance in detecting crime. I am particularly pleased with the successes in detecting rape and hate crimes."

But the borough commander insists Bexley Police will not become complacent.

He added: "We are now putting the same focus on anti-social behaviour as we have on crime. We have introduced a Safer Transport Team to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour on our buses and rail networks. We continue to focus on licensing related disorder and, with the support of Bexley council, have removed and reviewed several licenses for premises in Bexley."

He added: "I know that this is not just about numbers. The figures reflect the lives of real people whether they live in, work in, or visit Bexley."