Low Crime Rates And Good Schools Put Bexley At Top

Date Published 30 April 2007

Children growing up in Bexley enjoy a better quality of life than their counterparts in all other London boroughs, according to a national poll by Reader`s Digest magazine.

Bexley came out top in London and among the top 50 local authority areas across the country.

The borough even beat the City of London as an area where parents would choose to raise their family. (source: Bexley Extra)

Parents said that good schools and a low crime rate were their most important requirements for good places to bring up a family. Then came good hospitals, affordable family housing and high employment.

Cllr Ian Clement, leader of Bexley council, said "While I appreciate this is very good news for the borough we will not become complacent. We have a wealth of good schools, open spaces and parks that all contribute to making Bexley an attractive borough. I am committed to ensuring our good reputation is maintained for future generations".

To find Britain’s most family-friendly areas Reader`s Digest polled parents across the country, asking which factors most affected family life.

Then they were measured against statistical data for 408 local authority authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales.

East Dunbartonshire in Scotland topped the list while Reading ranked the worst place for families, with a high crime rate, state schools with a mediocre GCSE results, and a high flood risk.

Inner city areas fared badly overall while most of the best places were rural.

Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief Katherine Walker said: "When it comes to bringing up a family, small is beautiful. Only three of our top 10 areas include towns of more than 40,000. What parent’s value is the network of concerned neighbors, teachers and community groups that makes for safe streets, strong schools and thriving towns"