Three Month Stay Of Execution For Propertylive

Date Published 19 February 2013

PropertyLive, the NFoPP property portal, has been given a three-month stay of execution.

In that time, it is to be hosted by an unnamed external party, and will continue to function as a property portal. Anyone interested in taking it over will be able to submit their proposals, which will be assessed by an independent expert – also unnamed.

If the property portal is taken over by a third party, the brand will not go with it. The name ‘PropertyLive’ will stay with NFoPP, again for unspecified reasons.

We asked NAEA managing director Mark Hayward if there was any more detail regarding who will be hosting the site in the immediate future, who the industry expert is, and why NFoPP will retain the PropertyLive brand.

He replied, saying only that the industry expert will remain anonymous for impartiality reasons.

News of PropertyLive’s stay of execution came after a period of silence, which was broken to members by email on Friday.

Not all agents – who had discontinued their feeds after being told the site would close at the end of January and had heard nothing since – were impressed.

Essex-based agent Michael Saville replied to NFoPP, saying: `The problem caused by your poor handling of this issue, is that following your instruction that PropertyLive was to cease, we have removed the PropertyLive logos from our windows and presentation folders that we had to reprint and have requested that our website company remove them from our website too.

`I have been on the site since its inception and have supported and promoted it with your leaflets in our landlord packs, in our window displays, etc. I am not going to reverse all this, having gone to the effort of taking it all down.

`I’m sure many other agents have done the same and stopped their property feeds too, so why would anyone take it on with it falling apart?!

`The words ‘piss-up’ and ‘brewery’ come to mind!`

The full email from Mark Hayward to members, which was also released as a press statement, said:

"Given the strength of feeling from a small, but significant group of people both inside and outside the Federation membership, we have arranged for the PropertyLive site to be hosted and maintained by an external party for a period of three months so that it can, temporarily, continue to function as a property portal.

"During that time, we invite any interested parties that have either already expressed a wish, or who may wish to do so, to submit a formal business proposal for the site going forward.??Those proposals, once considered, will be assessed by an independent portal industry expert and, if suitable, a preferred candidate selected to take matters forward.

"Irrespective of outcome, the three-month extension is fixed and final, and the PropertyLive brand will not form part of any arrangement to transfer management of the site. ??The Federation absolutely stands by the decision to close the site and to cease its current operation, but hopes this extension will provide an opportunity for an alternative viable proposal to emerge."