Date Published 04 January 2013

The first blanket compulsory licensing scheme of all private rented properties in one area in England came into force on January 1 in the London borough of Newham.

However, a notice on the council's website says the deadline to pay for a licence at a discount has been extended to January 31. It had been December 31.

The price of the discounted licence is £150 per property, to last five years.

The website says: `We have received feedback about our scheme from both landlords and agents with a number of properties in Newham. We understand that some of you would like more time to prepare and gather all of the information you need to make your licence applications.?

`After listening to your comments, we are now prepared to extend the application period with the discount fee until 31 January 2013.`

The scheme, which is supported by Shelter, will cover an estimated 35,000 households.

The cost per licence will be £500 after the end of the discount period. Those who fail to register for the scheme will be liable to fines of up to £20,000.