New Property Portal To Service Spiritual Needs Of Buyers !!

Date Published 28 November 2012

A new property portal is to launch in the New Year, claiming to offer the future for the industry by catering for both the spiritual and practical needs of buyers and sellers.

As well as providing legal and financial assistance, the site will help people feel the vibes about any home they are thinking of buying.

Offering everything from feng shui and house astrology to energy clearance and house blessings, the site will offer unlimited property listings to agents at £10 per month per branch.

FLP Properties says it is keeping the costs as low as possible, in view of the charges by some other portals.

It says it has put together a team of people to ‘provide every kind of conceivable help to those buying or selling their property’.

The company’s key feature is a team of Future Life Progression practitioners who can guide a client’s ‘travel to the future, helping them to make decisions in the now about what property they buy’.

There is also a free app that will help people to see their future home through a guided meditation.

Company founder is Anne Jirsch, who describes herself as ‘a world renowned intuitive who names politicians and celebrities amongst her clients’ although sadly she doesn’t (name them, that is).

Based in an old office in Bray, Berkshire, she is also a leading Future Life Progressionist, whose book on the subject reached number one in Japan.

She said: `Across the world, people are becoming more aware than ever before of the energies at work around them.

`More and more people are now looking for spiritual help to guide them through their lives and make the most of the extraordinary time they spend on Earth.

`This is particularly true of life’s big moments, and buying your first property or moving house certainly counts amongst them.

`FLP Properties is designed to offer all services anyone would need when dealing with property issues, uniquely bringing the most practical together with those spiritual tools which can help people make sure they will find happiness in their home.`

She said there are now 200 qualified FLP practitioners in eight countries, including 160 in the UK and eight in Japan, who can help clients ‘see’ their future homes.

She said that estate agents approached so far have been extremely enthusiastic about the concept.

The site is in beta mode but EAT found it quite eye-opening, not to mention faintly unnerving, to see all the services you can buy in the interests of making a spiritual home purchase.

There’s everything from home astrology (find the perfect time to buy), to paranormal investigations (what’s really behind the door – yikes!), and Vastu Shastra (harmony between man and nature), as well as boring old things like removals, EPCs, surveys and mortgages. And not even clairvoyants look into EPCs, past or future.

If you do take a peek at the website, it says ‘Future Life Properties are excited to be launching in January 2012’. Clearly a case of being back to the future.