Agents Beware, The Season Of Man Flu Is Upon Us !!

Date Published 15 October 2012

There is only the loosest possible connection with estate agency, given that a lot of agents are men and used to wear white socks, but EAT felt compelled to share with you a very funny glimpse into the world of gents’ hosiery.

We also get an awful lot of press releases and to be quite frank, we’re not sure how we got this one. But how on earth do you make men’s socks sound interesting? Especially when they only come in black.

Well, you send out something about Man Flu (yes, it’s that time of year).

Apparently it is 10,000 times worse than any female cold, which is symptomless.

We quote: `Man Flu is an instant and debilitating disorder, which hits without warning, rendering healthy males completely listless and entirely incompetent at even the simplest of tasks.

`Self-diagnosis is the best means of determining if the subject has Man Flu, as in most cases, nobody will believe that he is actually suffering at all. Due to genetic differences, women are immune from Man Flu.

`Symptoms of Man Flu (men)
• Sneezing and coughing
• Hunger pains
• Losing the ability to see (except the television)
• Losing the ability to walk (except to the fridge and back)
• Losing the ability to do anything except groan in agony when observed by others
• Inability to visit the in-laws for the weekend

`Symptoms of Man Flu (women)
• Nothing at all`

So what is the cure for this appalling affliction that strikes men?

Mark Hall, who runs a sock subscription service (honestly!), says there is no cure, but the following may help:

`Lie down flat and watch TV: Research has shown that by just watching and listening to TV for 30 minutes can boost levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is an immune protein that plays a critical role in defending against further infection.

`Drink beer: Beer contains theobromine, a component that suppresses nerve activity responsible for coughing and has been found to be three times more effective in stopping persistent coughs than codeine.`

Intrigued, and always in search of a Christmas present for Mr EAT, we turned to the website. It’s hilarious and the tips for gentlemen could make an estate agent of you yet – or did we get that the wrong way round.