Date Published 03 September 2012

A new service which turns the ringing tones on business mobile phones into an advertising medium is apparently proving a particular hit with estate agents.

Sales Tracks, which lets businesses and freelancers customise the network ringing tone with bespoke messages, is used by Foxtons which is reporting around 250 message plays per month, per mobile.

Another agent, GoMove in Doncaster, says it is getting 240 message plays per month, per mobile.

Callers can listen to sales messages or corporate information rather than the usual ‘ring-ring' sound, when they ring a mobile.

To initialise the service, users register at and replace the ring-ring sound with an industry-specific message or jingle of their choice for their callers. Users can record their own content, or have professionally produced content recorded for them by Sales Tracks.

Sales Tracks founder Richard Jackson said: `Not being able to answer your mobile phone at work, either because you are busy or you simply just miss the call, can have a significantly negative impact on your own revenue and profit in the workplace.

`Potential new clients rarely leave a voicemail message, will probably not call back and are more likely to phone your competitor instead. Sales Tracks allows businesses to keep their callers interested and demonstrate the company's best selling points, making them far more likely to call back or leave a voicemail message – they also know they have called the right number.`

`Switchboards are able to hold customer calls until they are answered, but the mobile phone cannot do this, so every missed mobile call is a potential lost sales opportunity.

`Sales Tracks is a service that works to reverse this trend and turn missed mobile calls into a marketing tool.`

The service is suitable to any business user who receives calls on their mobile phone via Orange, T-Mobile or Virgin. The cost of the service ranges from £1 to £3 per month, per mobile, depending on the features the customer requires.