Mortgage That Started Price War Is Pulled After Just A Month !!

Date Published 20 August 2012

HSBC, which made waves by introducing the lowest-ever five-year fixed rate, pulled the product yesterday – after just one month.

The mortgage, which drew huge media coverage, was aimed at borrowers with a 40% deposit, offering a fixed rate of 2.99% for five years with a booking fee of £1,999.

The deal prompted a price war. Santander matched the rate, charging a £1,495 arrangement fee, before NatWest beat it with a 2.95% five-year fix with a fee £2,495. Nationwide responded with a four-year fix at 2.89%.

A spokeswoman for HSBC said: `We have simply reached the end of funding after one month. The money allocated for the product has been used.`

She added: `It was designed to bring in business. We knew it would be popular.`

From today, HSBC will be offering a five-year fix at 3.29%, but will cut the fee from £999 to £499.

Santander said it has no immediate plans to withdraw its rate, and NatWest also said its loan remains available.