Half A Million Rental Homes `Have No Fire Safety` – Claim !!

Date Published 14 June 2012

More than half a million rental homes in Britain have no fire safety systems or equipment, and one in four do not have working fire alarms.

A new study reveals that 551,000 rental homes in Britain have no existing fire safety systems or equipment in place, despite this being a legal requirement for landlords.

The research, carried out for insulation specialist Rockwool, also shows that just 19% have working fire extinguishers and only 11% have fire blankets.

Many tenants also appear uninterested in fire risk, with just 17% of renters asking their landlord about fire protection and safety levels.

Thomas Heldgaard, Rockwool UK’s managing director, said: `It appears there is a creeping fire risk in this country and we need to realise the devastating impact fire can have on a home and the importance of taking simple steps to protect people and property.

`As the number of renters within Britain increases, we urge landlords to ensure they don’t just adhere to minimum legal requirements by having smoke alarms installed in any household they rent out, but that they check passive fire protection like insulation to ensure it is undamaged and still does its job.

`We would also suggest landlords install fire extinguishers and fire blankets to protect residents and their property.

`Tenants also have an important role in ensuring their home is adequately protected from fire and should consider fire risk much more carefully when they view a rental property, particularly if it is a multiple-occupancy building.

`Simple steps like asking the landlord when they last had wiring checked and had an insurance certificate issued can make a big difference.`