House Prices Falter Round Most Of The World !!

Date Published 11 June 2012

House prices are faltering right round the world, with falls in 24 out of 36 countries surveyed.

Research business Global Property Guide says Ireland’s price declines have been ‘catastrophic’ with a fall of 18.95% over the past year.

In Greece, house prices tumbled 11.68% and in Spain 9%. It puts UK house prices at 3.14% lower than last year.

Countries where house prices have risen include Estonia (up 9.13%), Austria (up 8.24%), Norway, Russia and Iceland. Housing markets in most of Asia cooled, while in America, house prices went up just 0.48%, following the previous year’s 7.44% decline.

In New Zealand, house prices moved up 0.82%, but in Australia they fell for a fifth consecutive quarter to stand at 6.04% lower than a year ago.

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