Buckingham Palace Rises 9000 % In Value Since The Coronation !!

Date Published 31 May 2012

According to estimates by Nationwide Building Society Buckingham Palace has gone up in value by 9000% since 1952 when the Queen came to the throne.

Back in 1952 the Palace is estimated to have been worth a cool £11m, whilst today, 60 years on in the Queen`s Jubilee year, it`s value is thought to be closer to £1bn according to Nationwide`s estimates.

Windsor Castle has also increased in value by a staggering 9350%, from £2m in 1952 to £189m today.

It`s not just the Queen`s residences which have gone up in value;

Robert Gardner, Nationwide`s Chief Economist said: "Nationwide`s House Price Index has been going since 1952, and has therefore run for the Queen`s entire reign. During the Queen`s reign the average UK house price has increased from £1,891 to £162,722 according to our data