Council On Track To License Every Single Rental Property !!

Date Published 17 May 2012

The council aiming to be the first authority in England and Wales where every single private rental property is licensed has announced its first milestone, with the blanket licensing of one complete ward.

All 257 private rented properties in the Little Ilford ward of Newham, London, have now been licensed.??The ward, which has been designated a Neighbourhood Improvement Zone, is seen as just the start by the council. It wants to extend the scheme to cover the whole of Newham. Consultation is currently under way.

In Little Ilford, the council is using the Proceeds of Crime Act legislation to tackle landlords who flout the conditions of their licences.

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: `It’s a fantastic achievement to reach this milestone, but we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels. We want this to be just the start.

`We will never accept private sector tenants being directly exploited by landlords who force them to live in dangerous and unacceptable conditions. One bad property drags down a whole street.

`Good landlords have nothing to fear from this scheme. For the bad ones, this a clear message they must clean up their act.`