Spansh Property Fire Sale Offers Investment Opportunity !!

Date Published 17 May 2012

Discontent is spreading in Europe, there is open revolt against austerity. First Greece and now even France, one of the founding members, have fought elections promising to lessen the blow on their beleaguered populations.

Nobody wants austerity, the problem is austerity is essential to the European single currency as we know it, yet governments remain powerless to convince people to take the medicine of cuts to living standards.

This is why the euro has fallen to a three-and-a-half year low against Sterling.

Jon Ainge, Director of, said: "The euro is not going to collapse, it simply won`t be allowed to happen, however I think it does have further to fall. €1.30 to the pound, once unthinkable, is now openly talked about.

"Spanish property, already heavily discounted is about to become even more attractive to Sterling buyers.

"Your money is now going to buy more Spanish property than at anytime in the last decade."

The Spanish banks are in denial sparking a fire sale of distressed Spanish property being offered to overseas investors for a fraction of their original cost and with 100% mortgages at just 1.5% above Euribor.

Ainge said: "The opportunity is not in off-plan, key ready developments are already there for the taking."

According to, this reflects the banks` desire to control the slowdown rather than accept it, as has happened in countries like Ireland.

Murcia is one location where there is talk of recovery in Spain, yet distressed bank owned properties will remain in this region and it is important from an investment point of view to look at the quality of developments as well as price. said that the construction of the Paramount theme park was now a done deal when £10.8million was invested to start the development and naturally it expects Murcia to thrive.

This coincides with the opening of Murcia`s new international airport this year.

This will bring an additional three million visitors and with Murcia short of 15,000 hotel rooms.

Ainge said: "I can`t think of a better opportunity to invest in some exceptional properties at substantial discounts with the lowest interest rate we are likely to see for the foreseeable future."