New Ratings Site Launches - With A Difference !!

Date Published 20 April 2012

A new service has launched allowing agents not only to see how their vendors and landlords rate and comment on each part of their customer service, but also to gain greater insight into the cost-effectiveness of each element of their marketing.

Unlike the controversial ‘TripAdvisor-style’ review sites, Agency Intelligence does not publish feedback on any website.

Instead, it provides subscribing agents with PDF reports for them to publicise or use internally as they wish.

Agency Intelligence works by emailing the agent’s past six or 12 months of vendors and/or landlords, asking them to complete a series of questions online.

Because it does not therefore rely on clients being sufficiently happy or unhappy to have the motivation to seek out a review site, Agency Intelligence aims to provide a more representative sample of clients’ views.

A respondent can only complete a questionnaire once, and only following an emailed invitation – minimising the chances of the results being skewed by an agent giving himself a blanket 5/5 or a competitor giving 1/5.

The agent’s PDF report shows over 20 client-friendly graphs, summarising satisfaction with each part of their service – from satisfaction overall and with price achieved, down to the level of communication and professionalism. Agents will also be able to see how their results compare against the average of the other agents taking part.

Founder Charlie Snell said: `We’ve been beta-testing Agency Intelligence for a while now and offer a service that not only provides agencies with a valuable, independent way to measure and demonstrate their service, but also gives them greater clarity over the effectiveness of their marketing expenditure, and help in planning their marketing budgets.`