Allagents Starts To Spill Beans On Best & Worst 500 Agents.

Date Published 22 February 2012

Allagents, the highly controversial self-styled ‘trip advisor’ review site for estate agents, is to publish league tables of the top 500 and worst 500 agents in the UK, based on what the site insists is entirely genuine customer feedback.

The league tables are not yet available but last night, Allagents released ‘snapshot’ statistics showing that the smallest, single-office agents have done best, with 67% of places, leaving the larger chains trailing.

Only one firm with more than 30 offices is in the top 500 – apparently making it all the way to fourth place. Medium-sized businesses with 10-30 branches have done only a little better, with just 12 in the top 500.

However, small single-office agents also did worst in the 500 bottom placed agents, taking up 55% of places. Seven of the chains are in the ten most bottom placed agents. Individual branches have also been scored.

Allagents says it was clear that some of the big players have some highly rated branches: `What stands out is that without the burden of being dragged down by the overall chain performance, these branches could be up there with the country’s best rated providers.`

In a mailer this week to agents, Allagents says: `These tables will revolutionise the estate agent industry and so the time has come for all estate and letting agents to embrace Allagents and take the opportunity to openly demonstrate to prospective customers why they should be doing business with you. Email all your clients and encourage them to write a review for you.

`There is no other site that can provide this data based solely on your customers’ experiences and the league tables will set the benchmark for how a client will choose their next estate agent or letting agent.`

The mailer also shows how Allagents is trying to up the ante, with featured reviews, advertising opportunities, its ‘transparent agent scheme’, plus a free property portal and an awards scheme. It says the awards scheme will be separate from the league tables.

Allagents has drawn considerable controversy from agents, with some claiming that negative reviews look made up or posted by rivals, and that positive reviews have been put up by the agents themselves – all practices denied by Allagents, which insists that it has controls in place.