Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice

Date Published 15 May 2009

LAUNCH OF HOSPICE LOTTERY - We are delighted to announce that we have launched a Lottery that will support our on going work. This will be a new and important income stream for us and in time will raise significant amounts of money that will support our very special care.
Some key points about the Lottery - It will cost £2 to play. The draw will take place every Friday. Each £2 weekly entry entitles you to a unique number which will be sent to you in the post. Numbers are randomly selected by computer.

There will be 40 prizes each week comprising of:-
4 prizes of £50
5 prizes of £20
10 prizes of £10
20 prizes of £5

Prizes are issued automatically and a cheque is sent the week following the draw. The first draw will be held on Friday 31st July 2009

You can register on line at or telephone 0870 085 3779.

How will £2 make a difference? It will be used to add value to our patient care at the hospice, in the community, in local care homes and at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. It will also provide support for families and carers.