Positives In 2009 - Make This Your Year !!

Date Published 09 January 2009

Fellow Estate Agents and Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) are feeding us with positive news and to enable us all to share in this feel good factor we would like to pass this positive information onto you `The Public`

This week an IFA in South East London was over the moon, he said, ‘one lender has introduced a fixed rate of 4.99% with a deposit of 15% with no ridiculous arrangement fees.’ Hooray finally a lender who is moving in the right direction and away from the 25% deposit requirements of 2008.

The Bank of England, for the fourth month, has reduced the official base rate and it now stands at 1.5 percent. Hopefully this will give the banks and building societies another kick start in reducing their rates.

This genuinly is an excellent time to buy a property, there are great bargains for 1st time buyers, Vendors looking to upgrade and Investors to be had - PRICES ARE LOW & THERE IS LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM, so let’s do away with the doom and gloom of 2008 and welcome in an optimistic 2009.

Make this the year you finally get on the property ladder, buy an Investment home or trade up to that bigger Dream home!! Dont wait for the market to bottom out because before you know it prices will be on the increase and you will have missed the boat.

If you would like to discuss your property requirements or need advice on selling your home then please feel free to call either of the Able Offices.

Best Regards

Paul Servis
Able Estates Director.