Full Roll Out Of Hips - 1 & 2 Bedroom Properties Included.

Date Published 23 November 2007

All homes marketed for sale from 14th December 2007 in England and Wales will need a Home Information Pack (HIP)

This was announced by Housing Minister Yvette Cooper on the 22nd November 2007 and extends HIPs to residential properties of all kinds.

Before most properties with one or two bedrooms can be marketed (as from the 14th December ) a HIP will have to have been formally requested.This falls in line with the current requirements for properties with three bedrooms or more.

The temporary provisions enabling marketing to commence,once a HIP has been formally requested,will now be extended until the 1st June 2008.

Most of the leasehold information, now classed as Required (compulsory) will become Authorised (voluntary).The exception is the Lease itself,which must be included in the HIP.

As always if you are unsure about any aspect of the HIPs process please feel free to contact either of Able Estates branches and our staff will be happy to help.