Able Estates Sponsor 7 Acres Under 16 Football Team.

Date Published 19 November 2007

Able Estates are very pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring 7 Acres Under 16 Football Team whose home ground is in Church Manor Way, Abbey wood. 7 Acres will be playing their games in newly supplied Red & Blue Nike kits with the distinctive Able Estate Logo across the front.

The last time Able`s sponsored 7 acres they won the league they were playing in, so not to put to much pressure on the players we expect the same, only joking as long as the boys do their best and

most of all enjoy themselves thats all that counts.

You can see 7 acres playing their football in and around the London borough of Bexley, L.B of Greenwich and other surrounding areas.

Here`s to a succesful year for 7 acres and Able Estate.