Va Va Boom

Date Published 13 November 2006

Despite new hotspots popping up all over the world, France is again the number one destination for a healthy return on your investment. According to Assetz, the UK`s leading property investment specialist, France recently toppled Bulgaria from the top of their tracker table to become the premier destination for foreign investment for the first time in a year.

Its consistently strong rental market, supported by a sound tourism industry and continued popularity as a holiday destination precipitated the return to the top of the table.France is commonly regarded as the worlds number one travel destination and has been the UK`s favourite holiday destination for a lomg time. Since 1997 , house prices have doubled in value and show only modest signs of slowing down. In the first quarter of 2006 prices have risen 9.3% in a year on comparison, making France the ninth best performer worldwide. If you are interested in purchasing a property in France please contact Able Estates.