Bridge Would Create 2,000 Jobs

Date Published 24 June 2005

More than 2,000 jobs could be created in Bexley by the Thames Gateway Bridge. That`s the verdict of a leading economist giving evidence at the project`s public inquiry. Professor Bridget Rosewell said a report by economic specialists, called by the Thames Gateway Bridge (TGB) and North Bexley Study showed that the bridge could bring up to 2,200 more jobs. She said "The study points out that the TGB will increase land values in Bexley because of improved image and accessibility. It would make possible a greater scale of development both of available sites and for currently undeveloped sites. "Llewelly-Davies (the report`s authors) estimate that the TGB could bring an additional 1,000 to 2,200 jobs to Bexley, mainly due to more intensive use of sites and the attractions of different uses to the area." She pointed out that transport links to Bexley were currently only half as good as the London average and that only 23 wards in London had worse accessibility than Thamesmead East. Prof Rosewell added that the bridge connected the boroughs near the TGB both to each other and those areas of London were areas where opportunities were much more extensive. She said "The TGB raises levels of accessibility in this area close to that available in other parts of London. "Currently East London accessibility is 15 per cent below that in West London but if we have both Crossrail and the TGB it rises to only 5 per cent below."