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Happy Birthday Paul!! 06 May 2021

Today we are wishing the happiest of birthdays to our colleague and director Paul and we hope his day is as special as he is too us , Hope you enjoy your day off and fingers crossed the sun comes out for you!!
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Happy Birthday Sarah! 06 May 2021

We want too wish a very happy birthday to our lovely colleague Sarah, who is not back in the office with us just yet , but we hope you have the very best day celebrating at home and we are looking forward to your return! Have the best birthday! Read More

Bank Holiday Weekend. 01 May 2021

Hi All,

Have a Great Bank Holiday Weekend.

We are here till 5pm on Saturday and then a couple of days off to recharge our batteries and back in Bright and Breezy on Tuesday 4th May at 9am.

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New technology reveals what people are looking for in homes. 29 April 2021


A brand new story in the Daily Mail this morning, "What buyers really notice about your house". A very interesting story on how a new technology has been made to let us know what actually catches peoples eye when viewing properties and what within the house leaves positive or negative impacts.... Read More

Why not check out our Free Instant online valuation tool. 28 April 2021

If you want to know the current Sales and Lettings Value of your property then simply visit our website - www.ableestates.com

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Monday Motivation 26 April 2021

Starting your week off right with a bit of Monday motivation from the team here at Ables!
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Happy St.Georges Day! 23 April 2021

Happy St.Georges Day everyone!

A few fun facts about St.Georges day that you may or may not know ...

- St. George wasn"t English , as crazy as it sounds , He really wasn"t! St. George was born in Cappadocia, part of modern day Turkey.... Read More

Instagram - AbleEstatesLtd 20 April 2021

We are Revamping our Instagram page ! If you have not happened to have a look at it before why don"t you check us out @AbleEstatesLtd, Daily posts and insights from our team here at Ables ! Read More

Start of the week. 19 April 2021

What a beautiful start of the week we are having !
The sun is out and shining and it is so nice too see all the local shops and business"s starting to open back up. Across the road from us we have "Buds of May" the lovely florist who have been closed over the lock down period and have opened back up over the past few days and every morning we are greeted with their amazing displays outside of the shop!... Read More

Covid 19 Jab 15 April 2021

Here at both of our branches , we are trying our very best to stick to all Covid rules and regulations and trying to power through the last few weeks of lock down.
With restrictions easing a few days ago , allowing us to go back to shops and have a little bit more freedom, we are making sure we are still being extra careful and doing so we are happy to let you know everyone here at both of our offices, the sales, lettings and the managements teams have received there first doses of covid jabs so we can be extra safe and you can be extra safe when doing valuations and attending viewings e.... Read More

Teviot Rangers JFC First game back!! 13 April 2021

As you may or may not know, All forms of outdoor sport can be played once again after restrictions lifting on the 29th of march, which is very exciting especially for our Teviot Rangers who were very excited to get back to playing.

They had their first match back on Saturday the 10th of April and won 2-0 !... Read More

Wishing our Ian palmer a happy birthday! 10 April 2021

Today at our Abbey wood branch we are all celebrating and wishing our good friend and colleague Ian Palmer a very happy birthday and hope he gets spoilt by all of his loved ones!

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