Get Ready for Winter

Date Published 12 December 2019

Some parts of the country experienced very windy & wet weather over the past few days and it looks like the bad weather is set to continue for a little while longer.

So far, we have had two large trees fall down in two different properties and had 4 fence panels blown over. Unfortunately the fallen trees have caused damage to the Tenants garden furniture and the neighbours fence.

We recommended that every Landlord has their property checked over by a contractor prior to the winter arriving to ensure there are no obvious repairs/works needed (i.e. leaning fences, loose tiles on the roof and very tall trees that will take the brunt of the wind). Its also worth making sure that any guttering is emptied after Autumn so that they don't overflow in the bad weather.

It's important that Landlords know that their tenants and properties are safe during this type of weather. Please check as to what boundaries are your responsibility to repair and ensure you have sufficient building insurance.