Don` t forget the clocks go back this weekend.

Date Published 24 October 2017

The clocks change in the last weekend of October every year in the UK and in 2017 they will change in the early hours of Sunday, October 29.

The clocks will go BACK one hour at 2am as we move from BST to GMT, meaning we will be an hour behind. So, we get an hour extra in bed but lose an extra hour of sunlight for the next five months.

If you`re still unsure as to which way the clocks go, the easiest way to remember it is probably ‘spring forward, fall back`, although we obviously call it autumn in the UK, not fall.

Why do the clocks go back?

Benjamin Franklin first had the idea to chance the clocks while he was in Paris in 1784. He suggested that if people got out of bed an hour earlier they`d get extra daylight.

However it wasn`t something that was properly introduced in the UK until 1916. It had been discussed a number of years before by the government but many people opposed it the first time around.

Enjoy that extra hour in bed.