After the big move!

Date Published 20 February 2020

Moving home is one of the most important processes that you will go through.

Whilst your moving day will occupy most of your time and energy, after the boxes are empty and you have managed to sit down with your glass of wine (or whatever beverage you prefer) you will need to start contacting people/businesses, so that they have your new details.

The list below will hopefully help you, so that your transfer from one home to another goes as smoothly as possible.

• The Post Office – Inform them of the changes and set up a post re-direction to cover any post expected within a month of a move, so this will cover any important documents that may arrive and any deliveries etc and it will take the stress out needing to contact everyone immediately.

• Utilities – Gas/Electric/Water – these companies will need your final meter reading and your forwarding address so they can send you any final bill.

• Local Authority/Council Tax - Council Tax records will need to be updated and also re-register with the Electoral Roll so that you have the right to vote.

• Services – Broadband/mobile phone/cable/satellite/TV Licence will need to know that you have moved, so that you can adjust your address and also get new services up and running in your new home.

• Healthcare – Your doctor, dentist, optician (and don't forget your pets as their information will also need updating at their vets). If you have changed area you may need to change doctors and it may take a little while to get registered and your medical records forwarded.

• Pension & Investments – make sure they know how to reach you so that statements can be sent if necessary.

• Vehicles – Inform the DVLA of your move and also update the details on your driver's licence. Don't forget your car/bike insurance – your insurance premium may go up or down due to a change of location. It's also important to update your V5C logbook for your road tax otherwise you can be fined.

• Education - If you have children, please remember to inform their nursery/school/college or university of your change of address and any home contact number.

• Work - Inform your employer/payroll department of your new details. No one wants to work all month and then not receive payment or their wage slip.

• Online Orders – e.g. Amazon/Ebay/FB/PayPal & of course you weekly food shop delivery – don't forget to update these as well, you don't want your fresh veg being delivered somewhere else.

It can all seem a little daunting but perhaps change 1 or 2 things a day crossing off the list as you go.