CONDENSATION MOULD ? - Yes, it is the Tenants responsibility to manage

Date Published 09 March 2020

Moisture is released into the air in many ways: breath / kettle boiling / drying clothes indoors / cooking / showering / bathing / a non condensing tumble dryer.

If this moisture is not dried out sufficiently (i.e having the heating on low and constant to keep the whole property warm) the moisture will travel to the coldest place and sit there. That combined with not opening the windows to allow sufficient air flow will make the issue worse.

Ensure that any extractor fans are used and the door of the room closed to stop the moisture travelling to other places. Move furniture away from the wall to allow airflow by the walls at lower levels. Leave trickle vents on windows/walls open.

Mould can be removed by purchasing a mould removing product from any shopping store or by using a weak bleach solution. Removing the mould is not the Landlords responsibility and you could be held responsible for re-decorating if the mould causes damage.

The bottom line is that unless there is an issue with the heating or not being able to open the windows then condensation is caused by a tenant's lifestyle. Here is a link to the Bexley Council booklet for more information: