Are Full Structural Surveys Worth The Money?

Date Published 11 March 2013

Can anyone help Trevor Kent with your views and perhaps a willing case study?

Big T is doing something for the BBC on the subject of structural surveys and whether buyers get value for money when they pay for one to be done.

He is interested to know what EAT readers think of them and also whether anyone knows someone who has not had a survey done and regrets it, or has had one done and wishes they hadn’t.

Trevor believes that the number of buyers commissioning full structural surveys is falling, partly due to cost, and partly due to lack of confidence because the report will be festooned in caveats and recommendations that ‘specialist advice’ should be sought on virtually every aspect.

Views below, please, and anyone who would be interested in providing a case study who would be willing to talk to Trevor on screen can contact Trevor through his website.