High Street Agent versus Online Agents.

Date Published 06 June 2017

An online agent will have very little experience of your specific locations as their catchment areas often have far broader boundaries than a local agent. This lack of knowledge of the local area will impact the advice they are able to give on a property, which could affect the way they negotiate the price for a seller.

An estate agent based locally will have more experience and local knowledge, meaning they can provide expert advice to both parties. From realistic, yet competitive property values to information on local schools and amenities, a local agent is perfectly situated to assist in the sale. Online agents are a relatively new service meaning they have had a short amount of time to develop a limited amount of knowledge on an area. An established local agent can provide a personal account of how the area has developed over the years, as well as information on property values.

A local agent also has more marketing avenues to explore than just Rightmove or Zoopla. They will run a mailing list, filled with qualified buyers who are searching for the right property. The majority of the time the mailing list will have been informed about the property before it`s posted on the internet.

A bricks and mortar establishment means you will always have a point of contact for anything relating to the sale.
If you are interested in buying, you can discuss the available properties with an agent and even visit the property with them there and then. Whether you need to view original documents, require a face to face contact or if you want someone to talk to about your sales needs, a local agent is always on hand.

The more available prospective buyers = the greater opportunity of more viewers = increasing the chances of offers + coupled with expert local knowledge = higher prospects.

Your home is your biggest financial asset so that`s why it is so important to choose the right Agent, why would you choose an online Agent who doesn`t even know your area and probably has never even been there.

A High Street Agent will always get you a better price for your property and be with you from the start to finish of the transaction.

You pay for what you get.